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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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greta goes "on the record" right now. an urgent warning from former secretary of state condoleezza rice. secretary rice insisting the u.s. has created a vacuum that is being filled with terrorism. >> what we're seeing is that when the united states steps back and speaks softly, nobody liches. americans also don't like the world that they get when the united states is not deeply engaged and deeply involved. the world of beheadings, the world of levels walking into the canadian parliament. wooferld vladimir putin annexing his neighbors. so i think the american people are ready i think the world is ready for stronger american leadership. >> president obama is now asking for a $5.6 billion to fight isis. should he not tell the american people his specific plan and where is congress? senator rand paul says the president has no authority to go alone on this.
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so does he? senator tim scott joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. good to be back with you. >> nice to have you back and congratulations is in order. first time i have seen you since you won your election, sir. so condition graduate legs. >> thank you very much. it's good to be on this side of an election so we can give back to the people's business as so very important to all of us that live in america around around the world frankly. >> all right. you have just heard condoleezza rice and she talks about the importance of leading. is the u.s. leading? >> so far we have been leading from behind, which is not leadership from my perspective. if we're really leading, then what you see coming from the white house, from the administration is a long-term strategy that starts at the victory line and works our way back to where we are. not last and continuing resolution $500 million and now we are looking for $5.6 billion. it's like having a blank check with no strategy. the first thing we need to see is a long-term strategy that does not simply degrade that defeats isis. that means those details
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must be presented to congress so we understand how the money is going to be used effectively so as to keep americans safe around the world and bring peace back of the conversation. >> do i take it then at this moment if you were asked to vote on 5.6 billion that you would say no, that you don't have the details but that you are open to it once you hear the details? i certainly think troops resources necessary, i have two brothers active duty in the military today. they are willing to risk their lives. i think they deserve a strategy. i will make sure that they have the resources but congress and the american people deserve to understand the strategy that will be used to use those resources effectively. what always confuses me the president asks for $5.6 million. how do you come up with those terms? that's the question i will would ask where did he come up with 5.6 so i'm seaferred
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in addition to the question of the strategy issue? >> well, i think you are exactly right. one of the things i found very challenging during the continuing resolution conversation when we approved about $500 million, there is no doubt in my mind that $500 million was simply a drop in the bucket if we were going to be successful in challenging isis both in syria and in iraq. that amount of money does not lend itself to being successful. i'm not sure what $5.6 billion actually gets you and a 2 prong attack against something far more aggressive than al qaeda. >> senator rand paul says he believes it's illegal for the president to go alone he needs congressional vote. where do you fall on this? rand paul says is he outside the 90 day period in the war powers act. >> no question he has been going this t. alone. i do believe it is very important to the american people for congress to weigh in. i believe that we should all
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be on record on how to make sure that we defeat identifies which means that congress needs to vote on not only the resources but also understand the plan that we are implementing with the resources. >> president obama said on friday is he going to send 15 more noncombat troops. that came in after the election. was that coincidence or political? >> no doubt about it. nearly 3,000litical. folks now from our military working to make sure that we are able to assess what's happening on the ground. i'm not sure what the definition of boots on the ground is. but i will say this: that when we have 3,000 men and women in harm's way, understanding that strategy is clearly very important, having the resources to be successful clearly important. and i haven't seen those coming together very quickly. and this is something that we have been fighting from behind. we have had all these artificial red lines, all these artificial starts.
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it is now time for us to have a long-term strategy. that does not take an election to start that process. this has nothing to do with this has to do with the safety of americans. we should have that -- we should have had that a long time ago senator nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> absolutely. good to be back with you. >> big question tonight is the isis leader dead or not? did the u.s. military get him? there are reports that u.s. led air strikes killed or critically wounded the isis leader. fox news chief intelligence catherine herridge joins us. is he dead or alive? >> what we know tonight is that defense officials and intelligence officials are still assessing the fallout of these weekend air strikes. but so far they have not seen any evidence the leader of isis al baghdadi was killed or seriously injured. and typically in these situations they see two things. they see a real spike in chatter. this is the communication between known operatives and also a discussion of a successor being identified
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and elevated and neither of those have been seen in this case. >> all right. there was a convoy of cars. >> correct. >> that were hit. what -- what started the discussion are in al baghdadi might have been on that convoy? >> well, it's a very confused picture. the defense department has owned up to this overnight strike on friday near mosul, iraq. and this heavily armed convoy of 10 vehicles. which seems to be associated with the isis leadership on the second front the iraqi interior ministry as well as twitter and other people on the ground are talking about an attack 260 miles away and that baghdadi may have been injured there and taken into syria more medical treatment. everyone we have spoken today has talked about a very confused picture about what his status is at this point. >> 30 seconds left. does it make any difference whether we get al baghdady. we want to get him but will they quickly replace him? >> there would be a number
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two. a question of elevating that individual. what they often say in counter terrorism circles is you never really want to be number two or number three because we take them out so readily. it's just a promotion you don't want in the end catherine nice to talk to you. >> you are welcome. >> noncombat troops in iraq signals a new phase isis not a failure of a strategy. lt. colonel oliver north is here. colonel, do you agree with the president this is not a failure of strategy but just another phase. >> greta, there is no strategy. senator scott was right and the question you posed to catherine is dead on the mark. do you remember the definition of victory? in al qaeda? it was to kill bin laden. once bin led dan was dead we quote won. we have no specificity about what victory is in this fight. so the 1500 more troops or 15,000 more troops. if you don't know what victory is, you cannot have a strategy to get there and this administration it is dribbling things in. i remember a war like that.
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right? it was called vietnam. you dribbled them in one or two, 10, 15, 100, 2,000, and then suddenly you need u.s. ground combat forces and, of course, you ended up with a war that went on for the second longest, this one. what this administration needs to do is to sit down and, if john allen is the person, find a way to build the relationship with the moderate, realistic sunni in on bar province. think about this. the force that we're now going to send more advisors for in iraq has one sunni general among hundreds of generals and senior officers. there is only one. is he a toady for the current regime that replaced mall confidential informant the bottom line of it is this administration is doing nothing to build any kind of consensus among the kurds, the sunnies, and the government in baghdad that is beholden to iran. >> what do 1500 more non-combat troops on free day plus $5.6 billion.
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in light assume that happens. a $.6 billion or the president does, come march, what's our conversation? >> the conversation will probably still be, what is your definition of victory, mr. obama? >> so we have spent $5.6 billion have 1500 more combat troops on the ground? >> exactly. >> and be no harder ahead? >> men just like catherine's husband, will get sent back time and time again for this thing for nine, 10, 12 months at a time. >> if we keep limping along like this. >> somebody in congress has got to stand up on hind feet and demand you either stop the war or get a consensus. this ought not to be fought the way it's being fought and certainly ought not to be fought without a cob congressional resolution puts people on record where they stand. >> in light of where we are should we get out? >> well, you can get out. can you declare victory. >> what happens if we get out? >> what you end up with is a lot more terrorism. >> so we got to stay and we
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got to do it? >> we have got it do something better than what we are doing today. because all we are doing is wasting money and ultimately threatening american lives. >> colonel, thank you very much. happy birthday to the marines, sir. 23 years. happy birthday all marines. god bless you all. semper. >> is president obama listening, just days after midterm election results showing rejection of the president's policy, president obama vowing to do what he wants again. just yesterday the president insisting he will bypass congress and take executive action on immigration. joining us our political panel, ron fournier, jackie kucinich and chief political correspondent byron york. byron, the president wants to go it alone on this one? >> i think we have seen this before. remember in 2009 and 2000 10, the public was virtually begging the president and democrats in congress to focus exclusively on the economy. instead, the president spent a year working on health care plan. now, if you look at the polls from these midterm elections, the economy is still the overwhelming first concern of voters.
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they want the public -- they want their leaders to do something about it they used to vote for the president for economic reasons. now they voted for republicans for economic reasons. they actually do want something done. and is he going to do immigration instead. >> except the thing that's getting a lot of members of congress upset is that jackie says he is going to do it alone. is that in 2009 when he had the wind behind his sails in february right after he was inaugurated with overwhelmingly americans with with him on it, he said i won. and wanted to do that one alone and deeply offended republicans. now he has a vote that is a rejection of his policy and is he is still saying i'm going it do it lone on immigration. >> i think part of the problem is that the republicans and the president don't meet eye to eye on immigration. >> are they talking? >> i don't think so president obama has never been good talking to congress. remember, right after the election there were all theels these stories written about how upset senate democrats were upset with the president because they weren't communicating between even two parties
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that agree with each other. so i am very pessimistic about what this means for the next two years. particularly on something like immigration or they do not under any circumstances see eye to eye. >> ron, each more troubling in july of 2010 when he gave that speech to american university on immigration the house and the senate, both democrats, now today, he didn't do negative and now he is going to run right into a buzz saw with the republicans. >> he and his party had a chance to get this issue the way they wanted it and they punted at it because they prefer to have the issue inned mid terms. look. you are right, byron, obviously the people's main concern is the economy. this government should be capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. immigration is an issue. it's got to be tackled for the sake of the 12 million people living in the shadows. for the sake of he our businessmen and women. for the sake of our country. this melting pot. this can't keep going the >> but is going alone, ron, the answer? because that's what he says. i'm going alone. >> i'm actually in favor of what you would call liberal immigration reform of to use
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that lower case l. i don't think the president of the united states should be doing something this important on his own. for a couple reasons, one, i think it's a nuclear bomb that's going to make a gridlocked washington more so. which is one thing the country clearly send a message on o. they don't want any more gridlock. two if you want immigration reform. if you are the president of the united states and you want to reform the system the worse way to do is this way. this kind of social legislation has to have some bipartisan support for it to be durable and lasting and real. the problem is you are right, jackie, the president of the united states is not capable. he doesn't have the skills. he doesn't have the willingness to deal with cock and republican -- and congress. republicans members of congress don't have the ability to cut a fair deal either. they're very afraid. they are right wing and there being demagoguing on this issue. >> going it alone -- >> -- the house has got more conservative. it did not move anywhere to where boehner is on immigration. there are more conservative members now. >> going it alone will unite republicans against him.
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remember in the senate 14 republican senators voted for the gang of 8 immigration bill. they are all going to be against the president doing this unilaterally. >> right. >> he will be in a lot more trouble then on everything else. anyway, panel, thank you. >> thank you. >> many are furious about president obama about his threat to take executive action on immigration. in fact, they are so angry, they are planning a march on washington. sheriff thomas from massachusetts is organizing the march. he joins us. good evening, sheriff. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> i'm very well. tell me about this march you have planned for december 10th. >> well, sheriffs across this country have reached a point where we are tired of being marginalized in our ability to protect the citizens of our communities by a president who is saying, look, i don't respect the immigration laws. i think people ought to be able to come here in violation of the laws. and expecting law enforcement to look the other way. this just can't be because, i mean, everybody in our country understands legal residents as well as the american citizens that
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democracy exists only because we have a framework of laws. telling people, look. you don't have to worry about the law. i don't respect it, i don't expect to you respect it. you can come on in, in spite of the fact you are violating the law. and to the 5 million people around the world standing behind the borders respecting the laws of the united states, -- president is basically saying look, you are really sort of foolish for waiting your turn and doing it it the right way. [broken audio] >> sheriff, just repeat that last frame? you cut out on us. sheriff, you have sent this letter out to other sheriffs across the country, what's been the response? >> well, we are getting responses now. the sheriffs are actually assigned around the country who are calling in their region to motivate the sheriffs and immobilize them. come to washington and meet
4:16 pm
senator sessions and senator vittert to talk about this and make sure that the people properly understand. the people who are really -- having audio problem with you. thank you. we will be anxious to see the response to your letter by other sheriffs whether they join you or not. sheriff, thank you, sir. and shocking statement from one of the architects of obamacare. what did he just get caught saying? here's a hint. president obama is not going to like it. that's next. plus, donald trump is here. you know what donald trump thinks about china. and that's not good. and now donald trump has something to say about president obama in china. donald trump will be here. and get ready the entire nation about to get hit were w. really nasty weather. some states are going to get a lot worse than others. this is going to be rough. janice dean is tracking the dangerous weather. the latest coming up. don't forget to subscribe to greta talk. it's a brand new pod cast
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caught on camera, a stunning admission from one of the are a teckets of obamacare. he claims the last of transparish is i in his words the stupidity of the american voter. get that, he is calling the american people stupid. help the obama administration get the healthcare law passed. jonathan gruber just surfacing. >> this bill was glin a tortured way it make sure cbo did not score the mandate as taxes. the bill dies. it's written to do that in terms of subsidies, get a
4:21 pm
law that said healthy people are going to pay, in made it explicit health people pay in, sick people get money it would not have passed. just like transparent lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. and basically, you know, paul the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to6g)qj getting this thing to pass. it's the second best argue: look i wish mark was right and make it all transparent but i:!ox would rather have this law than not. >> representative marcia blackburn joins us. blackburn joins us. good evening, congresswoman. >> i probably should add to this i do think they'd was one of architects of romney care in massachusetts. but, he is now saying that the only way to get it passed was to basically hide things that were critical for the american people because the american voters voter is stupid. >> i just could not believe his comments. and you know, greta, one of the things that we continually said was that this was going to end up being additional taxes there are over 20 taxes involved
4:22 pm
in this bill. and we also talked about how they kept trying to change -- move the goal post if you you will with - every rewriting. they are still trying to do that with all the delays and the waivers. the law doesn't work. they wanted the american people to pay for social experiment sok"(!átk could take care of all healthcare. there by move to a single pair system and now that people like jonathan gruber are opening their mouths anddzim this administration and the group implementing obamacare really thought about the american taxpayer. >> repeat part of what he he says lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. of course, remember that president obama ran on transparency and he goes on to say and basically call it the stupidity of the american voter, whatever. but, basically, that was really critical for the thing to pass. and you know what else bothers me about, this congresswoman, is this.
4:23 pm
who are -- who want to get the medical device tax repealed. the thing that really bothers me about that, this is not a new tax. that was in the bill from day one. but if anyone had bothered to read it, but suddenly they find out they have got a lot of medical device manufacturers in their state who are are big contributors and suddenly now they don't that tax because now it's candidacy. >> well, and also they are finding out from patients and doctors about this tax. and you are exactly right. they should have read the bill. there is also the insurance tax. there is is the transaction taxes that are there. this bill is full of taxes. and it is time for us to get it off the books. more people know about it the less they like it. right now we are getting readym= small businesses and individuals to lose their health insurance. weave have got 250,000 cancellation notices in virginia that will go out. 14,000 in kentucky.
4:24 pm
2000 in tennessee. people are going to be thrown into this exchange for healthcare product that they don't want. >> well, it's deeply disturbing to me. because i really want americans to have andfphx anyoe in this country to have access to healthcare. >> absolutely. >> i want people to -- i do not want people suffering at all. but what i find appalling is that we passed a bill that is so clumsy that it doesn't achieve, you know, the goals we want or that is so confusing or no one bothered to read it and then suddenly when it does get passed everyone has a stroke about what's in it you should have read it ahead of time. it's also incomtc)j#nsible, the whole thing, deeply from frustrating because the american people ought to be able to get healthcare. people shouldn't suffer but the thing is that the members of congress were so lazy about how they did this. >> well, and had you a 2300 page bill that is now over 20,000 pages of rules and regulations. and this is all hillary clinton, al gore team. they started in '95.
4:25 pm
they wanted to push this through. they couldn't get it through. it died after the 96 elections and so a lot of that team came in to help barack obama withstanding up%ñ&ñ obamacare so they could realize their dream of universal healthcare provided by the federal government and take control of one sixth of the nation's!, economy. >> i don't care how we get medical carry for people. i just don't want to be stupid, wasteful, incomprehensible and, youiáúñ know, whatever. but,nyway, i'm taking the last word on that. representative, thank you. >> good, thank you. >> and up next, donald trump, you bet he has something to say about president obama visiting china. he doesn't like china and he does not seem impressed with president obama. donald trump is here next. plus, get ready a potentially dangerous weather system taking aim at almost every single state. 200 million americans in the weather's path. you are going to it want to hear what meteorologist janice dean has to say. follow me on twitter right now at the brand new handle. it's so simple it is @greta.
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china putting on a big show as world leaders gather for economic summiti@wñ but not search celebrating president obama's trip to china. donald trump joins us. good evening, donald.xíaa.z >> good evening. >> donald, you have been going after china forever. what do you make of the president's trip to china? >> well, i'm more and more right, yeted, look what's going on.
4:30 pm
they are putting on a big show because they want to keep the money coming. in we are the ones that paid for that show. they are taking our jobs. you understand that. when it comes to iraq, were they to help us when it comes to isis help us. we are the biggest beneficiary of.x06r=2z)áptr and iraqi reserves they are not there comes to ebola west africa. ridiculous manipulate currency, make it impossible for businesses to compete through mimtion. we do better product than they do. through manipulation, it's a -- it's disgraceful, i and not do the celebrations have a really> what do you expect the president to do routine economic summit. this is his second trip toí+pañ china as president. what would you expect him to do? >> i wouldn't have gone. i frankly wouldn't have gone. because the negotiating abilities that our country has versus china are a joke.
4:31 pm
it's like some school football team sleuth travesty. i frankly think he would have been better off staying home. let them come to him. you know, just so you understand, we have literally rebuilt china. the money they have taken out from us. and they are doing a pretty countries also by the way. the money they have taken out and drained out of this country, we have literally rebuilt china. and we do have -- it's hard to believe and a lot of people don't believe this, but we have the upper hand. we have the negotiating power. if we ever did anything to that ability that we have given them, to+a40ñ drain us, china would have a problem like they have never had before. so, we have all the power. he shouldn't be over there. celebrating the fact that they're ripping us off. that's the only thing can he celebrate the fact that they have ripped off the united states and many other countries. >> let me turn to midéú÷ terms. your reflection on midterm
4:32 pm
results? win for the republicans because they are tired of obama. they are tired of incompetence. they are tired of -- people are tired of a billion-dollar web sites that, by the way, it was announced today that it's not working again. and it never will work with the, you know, clowns that they have rockie mountaining it right -- this have running it right now. obamacare is not working. whole bigger position is obama ha care is not working. it's a disaster. very very expensive. people indeed have lost their doctors. they havew@ú-k deductibles that something is totally catastrophic, they will never be able to get anything out of it the deduct tillables have doubled, tripled and called.+"÷ç quadruplmb cost is more than two years ago. very good for the insurance companies because i notice their stock keeps going up,k1j4c up, up. so the insurance companies, i guess in some very complex form must love obamacare.
4:33 pm
midterm races. your candidates that you have campaigned for, how did they fair? >> well, i was asked to do robo calls, which is a pretty powerful thing. i was asked to do them for a lot of different people, david perdue and steve king and lee zeldin. a number of people asked me to do robos. and i did them and they all won their races. they ended up winning easily. he they seemed to think it had a huge effect. did i it about two or three days before the election. i think it does. i have a lot of people that follow me because they don't getting ripped by virtually everybody. you look at as an example, mexico, they -- they are draining us, you know, people don't have no idea how well mexico does against the united states in terms of economics. and, yet, we have sergeant tahmooressi and it takes 210 days to get him out of a prison and he has got obviously some difficulty. so it's a very sad situation. >> well, i should probably tell the viewers i got a phone call last week and you very generously offered to
4:34 pm
give sergeant tahmooressi $25,000 to i >q defray costs for his' legal fees. he depleted all his savings to try to defend himself, and, you know, you are very generous donald. >> i hope the lawyers don't take it all because i know lawyerszr8x better than most. they they hearh;aka about the 25,000 they will grab on to. you or his mother i hope can protect. i want this money to go to him, not had his lawyers. i don't know whati÷i kind of a job the lawyers. it took them a hell of a lot of time to get them out. i watched your incredible interview. watching. he suffered greatly. i think this $25,000 will be the beginning of getting somebody who is a good person back with his life and on to openfully a much better life that he has had. >> a lot of other people volunteered therapy dogs and all sorts of different ways to help him. the american people, many of them are helping. donald, as always, thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot, greta.
4:35 pm
well, let's all go off-the-record. i smell a rat. to be had, but guess what? we have been. president obama signed a reciprocal visa is a deal to china. extend visas to 5 years and tourist visas 10 years. same goes u.s. citizens in china. glaring omission. president obama did not demand that journalists' visas be part of the deal. china has a horrible history of restricting the press both foreign and domestic. if the chinese government doesn't like a a story written about china it will block the english language news web sites delay or deny visas to the journalists of the so-called offending news organizations. visa restrictions havetkyze plagued reporters at the "new york times," bloomberg, reuters. china once denied me a transit visa. that meant i could not airport. i was not seeking to stay in
4:36 pm
china or report a8iev story. i i wanted to. to go ton to north korea. they would not let me. president obama is going to reportedly bring up the issue of the journalist visa with the chinese. it's a little late. he has already signed the visa deal. after thel1r:h#act seems pretty late to me. so right now, what we have a lopsided deal that favors the chinese, and, by the way, the united states does not exclude chinsz -- crins journalists. web:úáñ respect freedom of the press. we're being had by this one. two prisoners freed from north korea. is north korea trying to send us a message? if so, what? ambassador john bolton is here next. a survival story you have to see to believe. dead. shocking team of doctors and her observe family. that's coming up. and a reminder subscribe to greta talk. launching on both itunes on your phone. and it'sj
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so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are24/7branches? it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. two americans suddenly released from prison north korea now back on u.s. soil and bac@óñ with their families. >> it's a wonderful day for them and their families. >> an emotional homecoming for matthew todd miller along with kenneth bea. >> thank you for all yourjufñ party and prayer. >> had agreed [" my mom would hug him first and when i saw that i was just wow. >> north koreans let them go after they received a visit from james clapper the director of national intelligence. >> i;.#z learned a lot. i grew a lot.
4:42 pm
lost a lot of weight. but i [inaudible] >> why did north korea release him? does north korea expect something? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. i'm absolutely thrilled they are home. why did -- why were they released? >> i think everybody is delighted, obviously for the humanitarian aspect of it. but my view is north korea never does anythingfgky free. so there is something implicit or explicit here that they expect to get in return there are a lot of theories. fortunately, in the of any concrete information, one theory isphs as good as another. so mine is that they have obviously been in conversation between north korea and iran about the negotiations that are currently going on over iran's nuclear weapons program. >> but we have gotcís a pastor, christianú10% pastor, saudi am dean in iran and thes?tov president just sent arg(cñ lettr to the supreme leader last week. and i don't see him walking off a plane. >> that's because the iranians are still holding him for further concession. but my guessí[hás is the north
4:43 pm
koreans look at the calendar the same way we do and they @&c@ conclude canned that this is the time to deal with the obama administration. so whether this is just an opening bid or whether there is something else that requires the director of national intelligence toh4j go to north korea, i think north koreans say we give up a couple of american pawns which is what they have done. they expect something in return. >> who knows what it is. i have been there now three times. i was trying tom2awñ look. i think in many ways that they always wanted a big shot to come visit, come pick him up. they are big into honor and also into pride. i think the fact that the director -- that the dni clapper was the one who was sent there was high enough for them to think that they had gotten the americans. they had gotten the respect or6iw whatever it is of the americans. >> it's possible. certainly that they were trying to send a signal to@9q @c obama who is in chinaqñiñ now, obviously. for a variety of diplomatic meetings. that this would be a way to ?1&p+e a feeling that they sent james clapper because
4:44 pm
secretary of state was otherwise involved trying to give away the store to the iranians and iran on the nuclear neg/e[cxtions. i, for one,r0÷ would not send the man had who keeps the secrets to north korea. not that i would expect even north korea is foolish enough to do anything but >> it's sort of interesting they help north korea happy for that didn't help in mexico at least as far as we can see not much. and so far silent innq >> i that's why i think this is explainable from the north korean perspective that they expect to get something, whether there is a negotiation that in effect iséy already in train. administration -- i think here. because i think north korea has ceased thexm( u concessions that the administration is making to iran and say we can do as well ourselves. >> maybe sometime we will get the answer. this one baffles me. i'm glad they're home. nice to he so you sincht nice to see. >> you lava strike. youweúe$'t believe. this new video just. in 2,000-degree lava, setting a house on fire. more on this absolutely:ím
4:45 pm
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this is a fox news alert. what everyone fearside now happening. the new video is just in. scorching hot lava reaching and set ago house on fire in hawaii. the lava has been streaming toward this town for months. anchor joins us. what is the latest? >> hi, greta. the very latest, the lava from kill laylarh.y volcano we have seen it stalking thesebf @ towns. today about three hours ago the lava actually reached its first house that was about 12:00 hawaii time. you could see the video
4:50 pm
where the housef4÷ essentially went up in flames. and this lavacbipy is 2,000 degrees hot. scorching hot. and the house really had no chance. now, the renters they already left that house. previously but the owners they live on the mainland and they weren't there in and witness this in person. now, i want to get you some background about the town. it's a small town spread out. lots of agricultural losses. can you see in that video andm&p4y that house is about, maybe about 30 minutes?x froméhqú÷ hilo town if you know the area. >> is there any way to stop lava when it is coming? horrible hot wave. some people try to divert the laf, have a but essentially, you know, here in iowa we deal with this goddess of fire.
4:51 pm
she will go wherever she wants to go. no way of stopping her. >> incredible video. so slow. horrible thing that comes is going to set your house on fire. >> ministry um. and you know, a lot of these people have been preparing for this. they have seen this outbreak of lava that started over othe summer. and they really have been preparing for it. they have been preparing for it along with the officials for the county. people are evacuation notice, meaning that they could be evacuated at any moment. should the lava head their way. >> marissa, it's just thank you very much for helping us, marissa. thank you. >> you're welcome. now to so bizarre story of survival. florida woman on the brink of death coming back to life. minute#zq without a pulse during a ryu cesarean section. >> i really didn't know i died by the way. i had no clue. >> back from the dead. had passed.
4:52 pm
why do i have this in myh%2,y mouth. >> no pulse for 45 full minutes. doctors pronouncedro&b 4!r dea. >> the family had come in and theyb6jñ had said their goodbyes. >> complications from a cesarean section surgery supposedly ending her life. but she wasn't dead for long. >> one of the nurses came out of the9-4ç or and said don't stop praying, her heart has started it beat on its own. >> a shocking turn that her doctors never6fh1 saw coming. >> the mother actually, she very, very emotional when we were in there. done everything that we could do. >> but for this woman and her children, nothing short of a miracle. >> i i remember feeling a force telling me it's not -- you are not coming here. this is not your time. >> and tonight, the new mother is back home and taking care of her baby girl. and now to a hair raisingb plea deal in a bizarre assault case. the crime, a virginia man cut off his ex-girlfriend's
4:53 pm
ponytail the punishment the defendant must shave histm+u own head. his ex-girlfriend for a hug and then while the rat suddenly pulled out a pair of scissors and chopped off her ponytail. he pleaded guilty to it a misdemeanor:ai2 assault. a judge sentenced him to anger management classes. that's not all. the prosecutor wanted one more
4:54 pm
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this is a fox news alert. brace yourself. the artic blast is heading to the u.s. 200 million americans in its past. fox news meteorologist janice dean is here with the latest. yanice. i know, if you like cold and place. here is your first alert forecast. look at these current temperatures 20 to 30 trees below average. this is the time of weather that you see in january. like minus 4 in rapid city. feels like 6 inrñk sioux falls. three in caspern'< matter of hours.kóíc 47-degree drop. also seeing some snow some case as foot of snow. over had hundred incidence in and around the twin cities and hundreds of prepared for this q9qe9 to
4:59 pm
.emain in this area for at up to 2 feet of snow and the cold air, greta is, really incredible, shatter records for this time of year. it's going to sink as far on into the weekend and next week. a colder plunge of air heading into the weekend. greta? i don't know what to say here. >> it's going to be cold rambeau field against the eagles. i'm not going to go. >> bundle up indeed. >> stay with us. tomorrow night 7 p.m. eastern. can't watch us live, use yourq) >> before we go we want to welcome home catherine herridge's husband and father of it their two sons j.d. hayes. returned from nine month deployment and of course
5:00 pm
tomorrow is veterans day and say a thanks to all our troops and military families. and, of course, happy birthday to our marines. good night from washington.i') x w o'reilly factor isp vm on, tonight. >> we don't have the capacity tof÷ deport 11 million people. >> presid


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